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How To Remove Bias From Your Products

Photo of Indi Young
Indi Young, Researcher, Author, Speaker and Coach

The world of interaction design is characterized by a “solving” culture. Designers are transfixed by solutions. Sometimes, a design begins with an idea for a solution, which is then connected backwards to a shallow problem. Additionally, in the quest to generate solutions fast, we assume we know what people are trying to accomplish, and we design from our own perspective rather than theirs.

Ironically, this solution-hungry approach creates harmful interactions, because it’s dangerous to believe in the myth of the “average user” and a one-size-fits-all solution. To prevent this, we need to change how we approach user problems. We need to pay better attention to people’s thinking as they pursue a variety of purposes, with unique moods and contexts, so that our products can provide less harmful support to people who may turn to them.

凤凰体育网址In this Master Class webinar, you’ll learn about:

  • The research theater
  • The problem space vs. the solution space
  • Types of empathy and how to apply them
  • How to recognize different kinds of research tools for knowledge creation
  • How to connect the areas of research your organization values
  • The difference between a user & a person with a purpose
  • How to listen deeply to people, as well as to your stakeholders, to develop trust and get past surface understanding

The result? You can create new solutions that truly support people in nuanced ways, and move in a direction that your competitors couldn't imagine!.

Join the growing tide of design professionals who choose to be intentional, clear-eyed explorers of the people they support. Become a better designer凤凰体育网址 by letting other perspectives in and recognizing where your own biases, and those of your stakeholders, have accidentally contributed to harmful interactions.

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